Palestra com pesquisadora da Universidade de Toronto (Canadá) – Species range dynamics of birds

Palestrante: Professora Dra. Marie-Josée Fortin (http://labs.eeb.utoronto.ca/fortin/index.html)

Instituição: University of Toronto – Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Título: Species range dynamics of birds

Data: 04 de Agosto (Terça-feira)

Horário: 14 às 16hs

Local: UNIFAP – Auditório da Biblioteca Central do Campus Marco Zero do Equador

Resumo da palestra: Species ranges are dynamic due to disturbances and global environmental changes. Although climate change is expected to lead to range expansions for many species, habitat loss and fragmentation may function as barriers leading to lowered colonization success and species persistence in these regions. While current approaches to evaluate the influence of global changes on species distributions typically integrate temporally dynamic climate variables, patterns of available habitat and population-level processes that influence extinction risk are often considered static, if at all. Here I will present a series of approaches to improve species distribution models by: (1) coupling a metapopulation model with species distribution models to quantify relative extinction risk of the Hooded Warbler; and (2) by incorporating for congeneric species, habitat and climate factors in occupancy models. In both cases, the presence of suitable habitats presents a viable option for securing persistent populations. These studies underscore the importance of using process-oriented modeling approaches that capture population dynamics at the species’ range margin and the importance of managing for non-climatic related threats.