Promote cooperation and partnerships with other institutions, seeking to encourage and foment research, study, teaching, academic exchange, adding cultural and scientific values for an excellent scientific training.


 Facilitate and coordinate the actions of the Rectory in building and enabling national and international technical and scientific cooperation; – Represent the interaction between the University and all educational and research institutions worldwide;

 Identify funding agencies for development of technical and scientific agreements;

 Advise the University through the Rectory in matters related to technical and scientific cooperation;

 Identify institutions that have common interests and goals in Teaching, Research and Extension;

 Support among Units and Academic Departments teaching proposals aimed to technical and scientific cooperation in teaching, research and postgraduate areas;

 Encourage the exchange of experiences and exchanges between teachers and students of UNIFAP with other peers in national and international universities.

 Promote international integration of undergraduate offerings, “Lato Sensu” and “Stricto Sensu” postgraduate in all areas of knowledge;

 Support all teachers/students from other countries who are studying/working in UNIFAP.

 Advise all units/departments that have cooperation agreements with national and international institutions;

 Establish dialogue with academic institutions – such as universities and research institutes – with government agencies – such as embassies, consulates and international agencies. Together with the development of international partnerships, maintain a national relationship network including MEC/SESu, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and development agencies such as CAPES and CNPq;

 Take charge of establishing outside relations, search and dissemination of opportunities for the internal public, reception of foreign delegations and representation of UNIFAP in Brazil and abroad.

 Monitor the processing of agreements since its opening by the interested unit to its signing;

 Mind academic mobility programs;

 Establish relationships with other institutions in Brazil and abroad; assist in negotiations of national and international agreements.

 Act as a mediator in dialogues between the various foreign institutions and units of UNIFAP;

 Act as a mediator in dialogues between the various national, state and local units of UNIFAP; Act together with the ceremonial service in organizing events related to the International Relations Department;

 Take care of the dissemination of projects, exchange opportunities, scholarships, etc. Manage projects aimed to exchange activities among student, teacher and technical administrative staff;

 Collaborate in translation and interpretation of texts in foreign languages, both necessary to achieve cooperation and work relations.


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