Academic staff

Name Level* Research area Status E-mail
  Admilson Moreira Torres  M Environmental Impact and Environmental Geology Collaborator


  Alan Cavalcanti da Cunha  M    D Numerical Ecology, Limnology and Climatology Permanent
  Caio Pinho Fernandes  M    D Chemistry of Natural Products and Chemical Ecology Permanent
  Darren Norris  M    D Conservation Biology Permanent
  Eliane Tie Oba Yoshioka  M Aquaculture, Nutrition, and Physiology of Aquatic Organisms Permanent
  Fernanda Michalski  M    D Ecology and Conservation of Vertebrates Permanent
  Helenilza Ferreira Albuquerque Cunha  M Environmental Impact and Environmental Education Permanent
  José Carlos Tavares Carvalho  M    D Chemistry of Natural Products and Chemical Ecology Permanent
  José Julio de Toledo  M Plant Ecology Permanent
  José Maria Cardoso da Silva  M    D Ecology and Behaviour of Birds, Conservation Biology and Biogeography Permanent
  Marcelino Carneiro Guedes  M Forest Ecology and Nutrient Cycling Permanent
  Marcos Tavares Dias  M    D Aquaculture, Fisheries, Health, Parasitology and Physiology of Aquatic Organisms Permanent
  Patrícia Carvalho Baião  M Population Genetics, Animal behaviour, Evolution, Morphology, Phylogenetics, Invasive Species, Ornithology Collaborator
  Raimundo Nonato Picanço Souto  M    D Entomology Permanent
  Renato Richard Hilário  M Ecology of Primates Collaborator
  Ricardo Adaime da Silva  M    D Agricultural Entomology Permanent
  Silas Mochiutti  M Productivity and sustainability of ecosystem forest, and agroforestry Permanent

* Identifies the level in which the lecturer can supervise (M: MSc, D: PhD).


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