PPGBIO is located in Bloco T in the Campus Marco Zero do Equador, at the Federal University of Amapá. We are only 20 minutes far from the international airport of Macapá and 2 minutes walk from the Equator Line Monument.


Location of the PPGBIO at the Federal University of Amapá.

Through its partnership with EMBRAPA-AP, the Instituto de Pesquisas Científicas e Tecnológicas do Estado do Amapá, and Conservation International, the students of PPGBIO have ample access to laboratories, intruments, and equipments to carry out their research.

At UNIFAP, the PPGBIO has its own building that has the following facilities for students, faculty and visiting researchers:

* Secretariat and coordination room that are open every day during business hours;

* Two classrooms equipped with projectors and data show projection screens;

* A computer room equipped with 19 all-in-one computers networked, data show projector and interactive whiteboard;

* A room for visiting professors and post-doctoral researchers;

* Bathrooms;

* Internet Wi-Fi;


PPGBIO bulding (externar view).


PPGBIO corridor inside the building.


Secretariat and workers.



Coordination room.


Informatics lab equipped with 19 computers all-in-one, projector and interactive screen.


Classroom with projector.

The students from PPGBIO can also use all the infra-structure available in UNIFAP, composed of university cafeteria, research centers (Amazon Studies Center), Central Library, Pos-Graduate Library, computer rooms with networked computers, multi-sport gym, swimming pool and other facilities.


University cafeteria.


Multi-sportive gym.


Swimming pool.

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